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Schnickers Slice 6 PACK

Schnickers is a big favourite amongst the caramel fans! 
Similar to the OG Caramel but with a peanut twist instead

A full box consists of 6 slices cut 5cm x 5cm sizes

ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains tree nuts + peanuts

Item is GF, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Soy Free + Preservative Free

Almonds, Dates, Peanuts, Rice Malt Syrup, Cacao Powder, Coconut Oil, Maple, Coconut
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Order by Tuesdays 10am for same week delivery.
Same week delivery available to Melbourne Metro and some regional areas.
Please make sure someone is able to receive upon delivery to transfer to freezer immediately.


2cm x 10cm

Recommended Storage

Freeze (18c and below) for up to 2 months
Refrigerate for up to 5 days